Much emphasise has been placed on the supreme efforts of our armed forces in places such as Iraq and Aghanistan over recent years, and indeed righly so. However the work carried out by the canine troops in conflict zones often goes un-noticed, despite their very important role alongside their human counterparts.

The military dogs are used extensively for searching out explosives, tracking the enemy, and helping to search for fallen comrades, and recognising the importance of their role, in 2009 Julie, David and Rebecca decided to send a gift of treats and toys for the dogs in Afghanistan.

The dogs handlers were so delighted with the gift that they took the trouble to write letters of thanks to The Dog Stop, and to send photographs of some of the dogs at play. This was the beginning of a new and rewarding relationship, and over time more more parcels were sent, with many of the toys and treats being generously donated by clients of 'The Dog Stop'.

In 2010 BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) interviewed Julie on their forces radio station regarding the welfare boxes, and this was followed up with a visit from a BFBS TV reporter and camera crew (the broadcast can be viewed below).
After this report went to air, many people contacted 'The Dog Stop' asking how they could assist with this worthwhile cause, and we have subsequently set up 'Treats For Canine Troops' as a non-profit organisation to enable them to continue to send out regular and much needed welfare parcels to the dogs.

If you would like to help with this effort then please contact us to find out more.