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Whether you are away on holiday, on a business trip, or simply away for a day at work, you will want to know that your dog is being well looked after while you are away.

At The Dog Stop we make it our business to ensure that your pet is looked after in the best possible way, and whilst boarding in our home your dog will be made to feel like one of the family and treated with the same love and cuddles as our own dogs.

If your dog is used to sleeping upstairs at the foot of the bed or curled up on the landing that is no problem as we aim to make your dogs stay with us as stress free as possible. No kennels here just comfy sofas, fleece throws and furry beds.

Your dog will enjoy walks in the fields, through the woods or beside the river in the company of our dogs whose job it is to ensure your dog gets plenty of playtime.

Before taking on a new animal we believe that is is important for us to get to know both you and your pet(s), and we therefore insist upon an initial meeting.

This meet and greet is a free of charge service that will include your dog(s) going for a relaxed walk alongside our own dogs to ensure that they can be friends.

After the walk we will return to our home for a refreshing cuppa and a chance to talk and observe the dogs in a home environment, this process can be repeated if necessary for the more nervous dogs.

To find out more about this service, please contact us

Our dog sitting service enables your dog to remain in your own home whilst you are away, a service that is ideal for the more nervous dog, those who may not enjoy a change of surroundings, or for dogs that do not enjoy the company of other unfamiliar animals.

The Dog Stop would never advocate any dog being left alone at night, and under the conditions of our NARP membership would never support a client in doing so. One of us would stay in your home providing for the needs of your dog and of course any other family pets, we will water your house plants, place your mail away in a safe place for your return and ensure that your home remains secure in your absence.

Before taking on a new animal we believe that is is important for us to get to know both you and your pet(s), and we therefore insist upon an initial meeting.

This initial meet and greet is a free of charge service where we will visit your home to discuss your needs and follow up with a walk with you and your dog(s) giving the opportunity to learn about your day to day routine.

To find out more about this service please contact us.

Here's what one of our 'dog sitting' clients had to say:

When my boyfriend was offered a contract in France , I knew it would mean regular trips there at weekends and I would have to find a way of ensuring that my two 10-year old Chows (Mel and Caspar) were well looked after in my absence.

I have always hated kennelling them, and the older they have got the less I wanted to disturb their routine. I therefore decided to explore the option of pet-sitting. I knew it would have to be in my own home as Caspar is a bit grumpy with other dogs, so I needed someone I could trust totally as well as being experienced with dogs – Chows are rather unusual characters! I did a search on the internet and came across The Dog Stop.

I arranged to meet Julie and Dave so that humans and dogs could check each other out and see if the arrangement would be mutually suitable. The initial meeting went well and I was impressed by Julie and Dave’s thorough approach and easy manner with the Chows. The following weekend, Julie and Dave came over to walk the dogs with me, to get to know them and the surrounding area a bit before the first “solo” experience. I was naturally a bit anxious the first time I left Julie on her own with the dogs, but when I got back on the Sunday evening it was to find two very contented Chows and a relaxed Julie reporting that all had gone well. She had even taken some lovely photographs of them, and put them on a CD for me so that I could see for myself how the weekend had gone. It was very reassuring.

Finding The Dog Stop has made it so much easier for me to go away, and it is obvious when I get back that the dogs have been perfectly happy and safe. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Julie and Dave to anyone. They have endless patience and attention to detail, are totally reliable, and, on top of that, are very nice people!

Margaret, Sussex

If you are planning a long day out or will be late home from work, we are able to drop in on your dog and ensure that it is fed and watered and of course able to spend some much needed time in your garden. We will provide company and some well earned play time.

If your dog requires medication at a precise time of day or you feel unable to administer it yourself we are able to help.

At no extra cost to you we will bring in the milk, pop your recycling crates away, collect your mail off the door mat and if required leave a light on for your return.

We offer a flexible walking service available seven days a week with your dog walked either on its own or in a small group of no more than four at any one time.

Your dog will be transported in our fully equipped dog van which is licensed by DEFRA and fully insured, offering the safest environment for your dog to be transported to its exercise destination.

Sussex has some beautiful locations, and we use various venues for your dogs walk including Firle Beacon and the river Ouse.

The Dog Stop have invested in a fully equipped dog van which has been licensed by DEFRA and fully insured to provide the safest means of transportation for your dog.

The vehicle and driver is available to transport your dog wherever it needs to go, whether this be to the vets, a hydrotherapy and rehabilitation session, trips to the grooming parlour, or to an arena session for agility, fly ball or training.

We will stay with your dog during it's appointment or session and relay back to you any and all vital information.

We are also able to help if you are moving home by ensuring your dog is cared for while you put your mind to organizing the removals and relocation.

All transportation is charged by the mile. Please contact us for further information or a quotation.

We are able to provide a pet shopping service, collecting and delivering your pet food, bedding, and in fact almost anything that you may need for your pet.

We are also able to pick up your pets repeat prescription ensuring that you need never go without.

Mileage will be charged for this service.

We know from our own experiences that the unexpected can happen at any time, and that finding someone to care for your animals whilst you deal with more pressing matters may not always be the easiest of tasks.

The Dog Stop are pleased to offer an emergency service to help you deal with these situations, and to ensure that your dogs and other animals are given the care that they need.

Although we specialise in canine care we are insured and able to take care of other pets.

Please call us day or night and we will do all that we can to help.

Are you concerned for your dog?

Is the behaviour of your dog impacting on your life?      

Are you distressed because your dog is distressed?

It is possible with the help of a qualified behaviourist to alter the behaviour of your dog, using only gentle methods and focusing on your abilities as an owner to be actively involved in helping your dog. A behaviourist can provide you with the tools and skills needed to rehabilitate your dog.

A behaviourist cannot promise a cure or a quick fix but should only offer to aid you in making improvements often these changes occur over an extended period of time and will require the dedication of you the owner and an abundance of patience.

Julie has been studying Canine Behaviour at the Sussex Canine Centre and with the expert tutoring of Dean Hart has achieved her Advanced Canine behaviour level 3 passing with a distinction. Julie is now waiting for new courses to begin and hopes to study Canine Nutrition, Law and Welfare and to Study for a degree in Canine Behaviour. Julie is a member of INTODOGS which advocates only gentle methods of training and rehabilitation, and also provides the insurance needed to provide this service (please click on the link to read more about INTODOGS).

So what can a Behaviourist help with?

Firework phobia (living in Lewes with its historic links with bonfire Julie has developed a special interest in this area and in 2008 ran a firework phobia support group along with fellow students at The Sussex Canine Centre)                                                                                                                                       General noise phobia (maybe the sound of the dustcart or your hole punch)
Car and bike chasing
House training problems
Pooh eating
Pulling on the lead
Recall problems
Jumping up
The escape artist
Separation anxiety

All of the above and much more can benefit from the advice and skills of a behaviourist.

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What should you expect? On first contacting Julie you can expect to receive a question and answer sheet that is vital for building a full case history, You will be asked to contact your vet to ensure that the behaviour is not being caused by a health issue requiring treatment. If this is the case you may be able to recover your costs from your dogs insurance company. The initial appointment will give you the opportunity to discuss in depth the problems you are experiencing with your dogs behaviour and to ask questions, this may also offer the chance for Julie to observe the problems you are experiencing. Julie will then write up an assessment and treatment plan, and further appointments will be mad so that you may work together to alter the behaviour of your dog.

For more information, please contact us

If you are unable to clean your garden/patio for any reason we are able to do this for you.

Your garden/patio would be cleared of all dog mess and the disinfected with a ground penetrating disinfectant to stop the spread of germs and disease.

This service can be on a daily or weekly basis or what ever your requirements are. Please contact us for a price.

If you have a special occasion such a wedding, and you wish for your dog(s) to be there  for the whole time or for just the photos but don’t have anyone to take care of them, 'The Dog Stop' can be on hand to ensure that your four legged companions are well looked after and in the right place at the right time.

Please contact us for a price.